To Decide Is To Be Human


Human beings are alone in our uniqueness. We're known to be at the top of the food chain. Descrates argued we think therefore we exist and Alexander Pope said, "To err is human" so we're special cause we fuck up. Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food, notes cooking as specific to humans and Daniel Pink has a book titled To Sell is Human.

But above all, we're the single most powerful species we know to possess conscious, complicated thoughts and the power to change our environment acting them out. To decide is to be human. We don't fall back to our wild side and rely on our instincts. We have the power to synthesize a thousand different lifetimes in our own, and we take the paths we think are right and good. And yet, sometimes we take it all for granted. 

Isn't that amazing? We have the ability to honestly want something and we don't act like we do. Too often we default to being scared and feeling comfortable. Our minds get the better of us one way or another. And it makes sense, life is scary. But you know what? We're still making decisions. We're falling back on our instincts to stay safe and survive. 

There is more to life for us than taking up space. 

Life is a winding series of small decisions. Nothing more and nothing less. There are no big decisions. Every step we take opens a world of possibilities whether we know it or not. And while there is no guarantee our decisions will bring us to the right destination, there is an explosive power in each and every decision. 

I am going to start investigating and exploring the best ways to make life's small and strong decisions. It is the stuff life is made of and while everyone's path is different, we can all benefit from making good decisions. Whatever that means.