something tangible in a digital age

Jagazine - (Jag-ah-ZEEN)

N. (1) An experiment in magazine production hellbent on creating an alternative community of intelligent thought and social discussion among a media-saturated world. (2) Something tangible in a digital age. (3) A combination of the words "jagged" and "magazine". Rough; not clean cut.

V. also see: jaga, jaggin (1) to contribute to the experimental nature of Jagazine's form and content. (2) Daring, caring to share. (3) To provide intelligent, analytic, critical, humorous, and relevant content for the advancement of other readers and the society Jagazine hopes to create.

Our Goal:

Jagazine is an experiment in building a community where an alternative to mainstream mindless media is possible. We want to offer and create something tangible in a digital age. Our philosophy is:

- Everyone has a story and an opinion.

- Stop spreading useless information and start thinking a bit more.

- Inspire an underground cult audience and to cultivate information unknown to the general public.

- Subscribers are our contributors in true democratic medium, unlike consolidated, rich networks out for profit.

Jagazine will only be as strong as its weakest link. Only we, as a community, can determine how much we can accomplish. Barack Obama has said, "It is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies." in his inaugural address. Gandhi has said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." This is what Jagazine is all about.


Jess Kizmann

Dan Scharch

Rob Bajor


It all started when…

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Where are they now?

Andrew Santino - Duncan rocks

Cudzoo & the Fagettes - Erin’s boyfriend bought my TV. Mamree Hart is internet famous. Jessica is hawking makeup.

MC Lars

K. Flay still making music, crushing it. She’s toured with…

Beatards - We noticed him in Pitch Perfect

Aymann - CNN show

Kaiju - still going strong. Saw it again in Brooklyn last year.


Dan Dobi


Morgan Webb

Reddit ripoff